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3 Usability Testing Methods

Your concept is ready. And now? Wether you have wireframes or Prototypes, you need to test your stuff before starting the implementation process. You can use some usability methods to test your product and launch knowing that the solution you are proposing is really solving the user needs or problems. These tests are made in a controlled environment and the user is observed by the tester. Depending on your need, you will address a specific test. The 3 types of Methods are:


The user is free to explore your concept. The tester will register his reactions and the way he chooses to navigate and use your interface. This method’s finality is to find out how the user respond and interact with your interface, what was the mental process and perception.


This method aims to certify the Designers about the possible pain-points and to evaluate the users satisfaction, level of effectiveness and comprehension of your interface in a specific flow. The tester makes annotations that will help to address correctly these possible improvements.


This method is useful when you have more than one solution for the same interface. The results then are shared with the team and the most user-friendly interface solution will be the candidate for implementation.

In the next post we will see which types of Usability Test methods exist and how to perform them.

This is not the end

After implementation, is important keep testing your interfaces, improving its usability and ensuring the best experience for your users.

Photo by David Travis on Unsplash